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    Broad Influence,
    Local Impact.

    BME Strategies is a specialty Public Health consulting firm with over two decades experience driving sustainable change rooted in community health and equity.
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    Driving Solutions.
    Changing Outcomes.

    Working in full partnership with state and local communities, BME Strategies delivers targeted, lasting public health care solutions designed to meet specific challenges and improve outcomes.
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    Sustainable Approaches to Healthier Communities.

    BME Strategies believes the health of a community is instrumental to its success, and we strive to assist communities to reach their potential.

Our Areas of Practice

Our clients are on the front lines of public health. Priorities may shift but our commitment to supporting our partners does not. We take pride in having multi-year, multi-project engagements, often working closely as an extension of their staff.

Program & Project Management

BME Strategies is a firm that prides itself on working shoulder-to-shoulder with partners to implement change. Our consultants excel at designing innovative Public Health interventions, and stick around to see the work through. We manage the day-to-day work of programs and projects, from developing the project infrastructure, to stewarding stakeholders and participants, to managing program budgets and staffing.

Strategic Planning & Design

We are partners in planning. Public Health priorities can shift overnight, so our consultants work with you to create an adaptable plan, with measurement embedded, to track your progress and provide course correction if warranted. Whether it’s a six month engagement for a five-year plan or a one-day session on a single topic, our goal is to give you tools to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in your work.

Coalition Management & Building

Collaboration is a core value at BME Strategies. We believe effective partnership is essential for addressing complex Public Health challenges and we’re committed to facilitating collaboration, communication, and consensus-building among diverse stakeholders. From creating outreach campaigns or survey design, or full coalition logistics, our consultants strive to bring people together toward their common goals and challenges.

Monitoring, Evaluation, & Quality Improvement

Analytics and evaluation play crucial roles in assessing program effectiveness and informing evidence-based decision making. We offer programmatic monitoring and evaluation services using a data-informed approach to ensure initiatives are on track and making a difference. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, we help our clients understand the impact of their programs and how to make informed adjustments when necessary to ensure the highest quality and impact.

Emergency Preparedness

Where it all began for BME Strategies. Our firm has served Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) coalitions throughout Massachusetts for nearly 20 years. We work for and collaborate with local health departments, regional health and medical coordination coalitions (HMCCs), and state-wide health agencies. Our work ranges from the direct service provision of federally mandated emergency preparedness deliverables, to training, exercising, and supporting communities in their goal to bolster their capabilities in response to all public health emergencies. 

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