Public Health Associate Consultant

Location Remote

Type Full time


Founded in 2004, BME Strategies is a Massachusetts-based consulting firm specializing in providing Public Health design and implementation programming for local, regional and state governments.

Position Overview

The Associate Consultant (Associate) provides planning, project management, and  administrative support to BME Strategies, a Massachusetts-based public health consulting firm.  The Associate assists the Executive Director of BME Strategies in serving client needs primarily focused on grants management, public health program implementation, emergency preparedness,  and other consulting services for local public health stakeholders. The Associate works directly with clients in a project support role and also serves as a liaison between community agencies, institutions, providers and coalitions, as  assigned by the Director of Public Health, to fulfill the goals of BME Strategies. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides grants management services to local health departments and coalitions, including  developing work plans, submitting quarterly and annual reports, and managing budgets and purchases. 
  • Provides assistance to the Executive Director of BME Strategies in carrying out the core  functions of the firm, i.e., the design and implementation of public health programs,  conducting assessments and trainings, and the development of  analytics and summary reports. 
  • Facilitates the collaborative work of local public health and emergency preparedness coalitions and manages logistics of  meetings, conferences, and other events. 
  • Establishes, maintains, and updates files, databases, records, and/or other documents;  develops and maintains data, and performs routine analyses and calculations in the  processing of data for recurring internal reports.  
  • Assists in the preparation of grant proposals and applications and with the completion of  grant deliverables. 
  • Assists with social marketing efforts and community education programs, as assigned.
  •  Assists with the development of policies, procedures, and protocols for public health services.
  •  Assists with assessing the needs for health promotion and disease & disability prevention programs for cities and towns and helps strategize appropriate interventions for meeting  these needs. 
  • Develops and coordinates health education programs and materials. 
  • Identifies the need for health promotion and disease prevention programs and works to meet  these needs. 
  • Other functions, as assigned.

Education and Experience

A successful candidate will have 1-2 years+ demonstrable experience working in applied public health (local,  state, or federal level) ; excellent written and verbal communications skills; the ability to balance multiple tasks with excellent organization skills and attention to detail; and be a polite and personable individual able to interact positively with a variety of clients and stakeholders. Experience with public health accreditation and quality initiatives highly desirable.

A Master’s degree in public health or a related field is required. A valid driver’s license is  required.  Remote within Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire strongly preferred.


$70,500 – $79,000 per year